Silver Service Contract Plan

Silver Plan


• Gas

Applies for Warm Air Duct System, Hot Water Boilers, Steam Heaters, Hybred System ( Heat Pump )


• Oil

Applies for Warm Air Duct System, Hot Water Boilers, Steam Heaters, Hybred Systems ( Heat Pump )


• Electric

Heat Pumps with Air Handler ( with or without electric Strip Heater)


• Gas/ Oil Boilers


• Gas/Oil or Electric Furnaces


 Silver Service Contract Plan


This Applies for Gas, Oil, Electric Heating Systems


$29.99 per month

(with a valid debit/credit card on file)


Silver Service Plan will cover:

all parts, labor

water side of Boiler within 3 feet of heating system

 ( Does not apply for gas or oil warm air furnaces)

circular pump

backflow valves

auto feeder

all valves

air vents


pressure relief valve

And everything Basic Plan covers


Hours of Operation for Basic Plan will be

Sunday thru Saturday from 8am to 8pm.


 ( Any calls after 8pm any day will be a $50 service charge) Parts will be covered under plan


Per Month

Parts that are covered in Silver Plan


• Smoke Pipe

• Sealing of Chimney

• Oil Motors

• Cleaning of Unit (1 per year)

• Gas Valves

• Transformers

• Thermostats

• Thermocoupling

• Oil Pump

• Burner Motor

• Pilot Assembly

• Burner Tubes

• Relay Fan Control

• Flame Sensor

• Fan & Limit Control

• Blower Motors

• Blower Wheels

• Gas Piping with 3 ft of Heater

• Oil Line ( 3/8 Copper)

• Oil Filter

• Nozzle

• Pump Strainer

• 120 V Transformer ( Oil)

• Electrodes

• Hi Limit Control

• Cad Cell Relay

• Condensate Pump

• Switch toggle

• 24  V Wiring

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Per Month


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